Real Estate Opportunity around the Island of Saint Lucia

Posted On Monday, March 21, 2022

Currently, there is an opportunity for Real Estate Investors around the island. As most would know, the market experiences a change in property prices especially in the North of the island from Rodney Bay to Cap Estate.

  • One might wonder Why is this expected to happen?
  • The reason is a simple one: Value appreciation.
  • But what causes appreciation in the value of a property? 

- Modifications & Developments made on the property itself, such as Construction or changes made to the terrain;

- Modifications & Developments made in the immediate area such as more amenities being made available;

- New Developments near by or infrastructure projects (Roads, Drainage, etc.);

- Changes in the zoning classification of properties eg. agricultural Land being changed to residential or commercial use will with that change, increase in value;

- Irregularities in the Market such as changes in the supply of properties available for purchase and the demand of interested buyers;

- As the entire world is in a turbulence potential buyers are seeking for relatively safe territories in the The Caribbean and Saint Lucia, SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! 

- The upcoming World Class Cabot Golf Course (300 acres) located in a stunning area of Cap Estate will contribute to further success of the Island.

Have a look at this video:


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