Philippe Larreu, France

On the 1st November, 2022, I will be moving to my new apartment thanks to Kartayara Albert for her professionalism and efficiency. Though my request was quite difficult, she were able to push through and I really appreciate that. A big thank you to the Blue Reef Team and by extension Kartayara Albert for her superb work.       

Marlon & Leanda Shaw, London

Following several brief visits to the exceptionally beautiful island of Saint Lucia, my wife and I decided to take a longer vacation in March 2022 with the hope if not expectation of purchasing a property in Saint Lucia. We made enquiries with several local Real Estate agents on island and the most prompt and relevant reply came from Blue Reef Real Estate Ltd.   We had a meeting with the team at Blue Reef to discuss budget, type of property, locations etc. A list of relevant properties plus a few below and above our budget was quickly determined and viewings commenced. When viewing the properties, we were also shown local attractions that were in close proximity to the potential home. We were fortunate to discover a property that met and even exceeded our expectation. On returning to London, we were excited to discover that an offer was accepted. Prior to leaving for London, we were recommended a Solicitor (Peter Marshall) by Blue Reef who has also been outstanding in helping to complete our home purchase in St. Lucia. Other recommendations from Blue Reef including structural surveyor (Kelvin Emillien) etc. have also been exceptional. Finally, we would like to thank Nabi and Maria at Blue Reef for helping us on our journey to purchase our dream home. Blue Reef went above and beyond to fulfil the brief presented to them and their professionalism and integrity is unquestionable. We would highly recommend Blue Reef Real Estate to anyone who is thinking of owning a home in Saint Lucia.    

K Kumar, United Kingdom

Maria is the best Real Estate Agent in Saint Lucia. She was not just a Realtor, she also became a friend, a guide, and helped us find the rental property we needed on the island. She knows all the properties that are available for Rent and Sale in Saint Lucia, she is able to give background information too. Maria is well connected and introduced us to other service providers who could help with things she doesn’t handle. We first took her services when we were looking for a long term rental. She was very helpful, took us to see many properties and provided us all the information we needed to take a decision. Use Maria’s services, if you need any rental or purchase assistance on island. I am sure she will be the best person to help you. We hope to use her services again sometime in the future.   

Bev Stuart

Highly recommend Maria and her team to work with. They deliver great service to customers (speaking as a customer), and are a pleasure to deal with. Great opportunity!

Cass Walters

Thank you Maria! I still look forward to doing business with you.  You seem like an extremely talented person at real-estate. Thank you and please do not hesitate to send me anything you thing I might be interested in and can afford in St Lucia.  

Michael Sewordor

Once again my wife and I want to thank the Blue Reef Team for this long journey! Maria Buchner who was spearheading the sale at all times.Patience always wins. The entire Sewordor family express thanks and appreciation.

Shanice Ramdhan, Saint Lucia

I have had the pleasure working with Kartayara Albert over the past month in locating an apartment for me. She is very diligent and hardworking. She followed up with me consistently and was always available. I would definitely recommend her for any real estate needs. Shanice Ramdhan 

Carla Foster, Saint Lucia

My experience with BLUE REEF and by extension with Rachard was superb. He listened to my needs and showed exceptional sales and people skills. He was able to see an apartment and know that it would be perfect for me. He was very punctual and respectful. 5 stars!

Elijah Jn Baptiste, Saint Lucia

Many thanks for your assistance in finding a property for rent. I really appreciate it, place is nice and comfy. Thanks for your genuineness, professionalism and kindness. You will reach further than you are, Keep it up. Humble regards, Elijah for Rachard Jeremie, Administrative Assistant  

Chris & Kischa Ayton, UK

We contacted Blue Reef Real Estate seeking assistance with our relocation from the UK to Saint Lucia. Our first interaction with the team was professional, personable and forthcoming with suitable property suggestions. We were delighted that we were able to secure a stylish property before we left the UK, and when we arrived in Saint Lucia, we were not disappointed. The property exceeded our expectations and Maria and her team's service was second-to-none.  The team at Blue Reef are professional, knowledgeable, warm and friendly. We highly recommend!

Lou & Lois Conrad, USA

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Maria and Team over a period of several months as we sought a condo for purchase. The experience could not have been better and we now consider them friends. When we reached out to Blue Reef Real Estate with an initial e-mail expressing our interest in purchasing property in St. Lucia, Maria responded promptly and scheduled a telephone call to better understand what we had interest in. Throughout the process, we found Maria to be extremely service-oriented, very knowledgeable, and thankfully, having an abundance of patience! Blue Reef's service orientation was evident throughout the process, whether it was their proactive approach or responsive follow up to our questions, ongoing and prompt communication, and listening to our preferences. One of the keys to Maria and the Team's  service orientation is that they are great listeners and then they incorporate this information into the tasks at hand. Maria and Team work well together and clearly keep each other updated on any developments during the property search and purchase process. Throughout our lives we have interacted with many real estate professionals, but Maria local knowledge of the real estate market in St. Lucia is impressive. Given their longstanding presence in St. Lucia, they understand the nuances of the market and have developed critical contacts for the benefit of Blue Reef's clients. Maria and Team have an abundance of patience, which is a key component when dealing with the real estate purchase process. They respect their clients and want to ensure their satisfaction. It is easy to recommend, without hesitation, Blue Reef Real Estate for the purchase, sale, or renting of real estate in St. Lucia.

Sarah G., USA

 After deciding to fulfill a life-long dream of living in Saint Lucia, I contacted BLUE REEF and couldn’t be more thankful for the experience. Despite my limited directions, Maria and Team put together a really thoughtful list of properties to view and very quickly understood my style and needs. The first viewing was the weekend before the world started going into lockdown, and it was almost a year before I could return to the island, yet they lined up all the necessary contacts for when I was comfortable to make an offer, and sent a healthy supply of Saint Lucia photos and warm wishes while it was impossible to travel. I hold them in the highest regard after their honesty, professionalism, and support throughout the process, and am pleased to consider them amongst my first friends on the island.

Derek & Janet Hoddinott, UK

We have been searching for a property in Saint Lucia since 2018. We approached many companies, but the one who stood out was Blue Reef Real Estate. Maria and Team are the main people who have supported us and they have a great team behind them. We feel like family and have had nothing but a first class service throughout. I recommend them highly. A quality of customer service, mixed with local knowledge that is worth its weight in gold.We will always be grateful for their help and am proud to call them our friends! 

Mary Isidore, Saint Lucia

 After I received a job offer from an organization located in the north of the island, I immediately considered relocating from the south of the island in order to shorten my commute time. As a result, I contacted Blue Reef Real Estate and received an immediate response from Simon Desir. With the help of my sister, and the exceptional assistance of Simon, I was able to find a suitable apartment within 24 hours! Simon was extremely helpful and professional throughout the whole process and continues to follow-up to ensure that I am comfortable and safe. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Blue Reef Real Estate to anyone who needs to find accommodation in Saint Lucia. 

Maria Jose, Guatemala

I had to relocate from Guatemala to St. Lucia in the middle of a pandemic, I needed to find a place that would fit my needs, budget and was comfortable. Maria and Simon went way out of their way to make sure I had the best options and once I decided on one, they went above and beyond to make the process as smooth as possible and accompanied me all the way, from making the deal, signing the lease and receiving the keys. Their customer service is amazing and so are they.

Maria Thompson

When my husband and I researched Saint Lucia as a possible home away from home for a couple of years in 2014, we were lead by British and American expats that Blue Reef Reel Estate in St Lucia was the realty company we should work with for their integrity in service. We did and were very happy! Thank you, Blue Reef !    

Darrin L.

Having never been to St. Lucia, The Blue Reef Team did an outstanding job in helping me navigate my relocation, especially during the pandemic. All of my questions were answered thoroughly and in a timely manner. The property was exactly as described on the website and by The Blue Reef Team. I will certainly use Blue Reef Realty again when it’s time to upgrade my property on this beautiful island.

Gordon Ellison, Jamaica

I am beyond satisfied with the home that Blue Reef was able to secure for me. The accommodation is quaint, luxury and stylish with an alluring and welcoming atmosphere.Their seamless process allowed me to confirm my home from overseas.I definitely recommend Blue Reef! 

Paul & Catherine Cooper, Saint Lucia

I have had the good fortune to be associated with Blue Reef Real Estate for well over 10 years and have had a 100% rate success rate getting my apartments rented time and time again.  In particular the last year has been extremely challenging but with the advice from the professionals at Blue Reef I have been fortunate to have my apartments rented. Thank you.

Frank, UK

I was looking to buy abroad for a while, but what made me decide on Saint Lucia was the people. Maria and her team have been amazing and represent Saint Lucian people to me. I now consider Maria a friend. The level of customer care is excellent (always available) and they have great experience and very useful contacts. I was super impressed and would recommend them without hesitation

Doretta Francois, Saint Lucia

This was my first time purchasing a property in Saint Lucia and I was buying the house on my own but, thanks to Maria & Team of Blue Reef Real Estate, I never felt alone. They guided me through every step of the process and were always available to answer any queries. They were outstandingly professional, efficient and trustworthy.

S. Louis

I cannot express enough the magnitude of my gratitude and appreciation of your time, patience and consistency in assisting me in getting to replacing my home after a 2 years search. BLUE REEF TEAM, you have been a gem in this search with me and the way you handled the property search has proven that you were born to do this.Thanking you again for your most professional assistance. -- S. Louis

J. Goldfarb, Texas

I shopped everywhere from Costa Rica, to the Bahamas when this business opportunity came about, and not only was Saint Lucia my favorite location, but Maria you have been the best realtor out of all of them. -- J. Goldfarb

Peter Andrews

Blue Reef has consistently been able to provide me with rental business and well vetted professional tenants. I will continue to recommend them to anyone.

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