Cabot Golf Course Saint Lucia| Opportunity of a Life Time

Posted On Thursday, February 17, 2022

As a recognized player in the Saint Lucian real estate market we have seen quite a few developments showing serious promise, producing tangible benefits and causing major splashes throughout the Caribbean and beyond. None are expected to make as much of a splash as the Cabot Golf Course.

According to the Cabot Saint Lucia's official website, "Real estate ownership at Cabot Saint Lucia combines the magic of island living with a strong sense of community. Membership benefits include world-class amenities for every member of the family, a home on one of the world’s best golf courses and modern-day comforts that give new meaning to the word ‘luxury’." As one would expect, the development promises quite a lot as it pertains to the experience of golfing on a world class turf but even with that value it offers even more through real estate investment opportunities. Furthermore, according to Michael Croley from the New York Times, property prices in the development are expected to range from  USD 750,000 to as high as USD 10 Million.

As discussed above, many affluent individuals are expected to purchase properties in this development. This creates a great investment opportunity for anyone purchasing a property in Cap Estate or the wider north region. Due to the expected appreciation in property prices, anyone purchasing at this point would be buying in at the bottom of the market. 

Now is the time to buy. Don't Miss Out!


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