Moving During Covid-19: Virtual Viewings and The Real Questions About Real Estate

Posted On Friday, May 29, 2020

According to a recent article on, "the global shutdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic is going to have big effects on real estate markets worldwide." Not necessarily news for practitioners and experts in the sector. However, Forbes claims that "the situation we’re about to see play out will not be the same as what we witnessed in the wake of the 2008/2009 global real estate crash, when some countries — Spain, Ireland, and Costa Rica, for example — saw property prices fall by as much as 70% and more ... thanks to bubble pricing and over-lending."

"Livable low density countries"  like St. Lucia are predicted as recovering quickly once people begin to look for options for starting over in less urbanized locations that offer "good and affordable quality of life and relative safety from a new pandemic."

At the time of this article with Zero recorded Covid-19 related deaths and only 18 infections (which have all recovered) St. Lucia remains a bit of a safe haven from the global pandemic. Social distancing and WHO measures are still enforced as we continue to wait for the global recovery.

Also important to note that as of 18th May 2020 businesses have been allowed to return to operation of their normal business hours and are required to adhere to the physical distancing and other COVID19 related protocols that have been issued by the Ministry of Health. 

With more than fifteen years of experience in matching perfect property with satisfied client, Maria Buchner and Donnelly John weathered the previous global recession at the helm together, and have continued to evolve with the times to offer our clients the most comprehensive, efficient realty service in Saint Lucia.

Exploring Blue Reef sales listings is an engaging way to spend free time, and watching Don's virtual viewings & aerial photography can be classified as research for when the time comes to choose that dream home in Saint Lucia. Each client's property is captured to show off it's authentic best features and unique charms.

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