Carnival 2022 - Saint Lucia, 7-19th of July 2022

Posted On Friday, July 08, 2022

A variety of competitions including the ever-popular Power and Groovy Monarch, Senior and Junior Panoramas (Steel Pan Competitions), and the Inter-Commercial House Calypso completion, dozens of community events, and of course a continuous calendar of parties and fetes. The season culminates in an exciting, fun-filled two-day street parade of live bands and DJ music, stunning Carnival costumes and the joyous and energetic revelry typical of Caribbean carnivals on 18 and 19 July. This is a very special celebration of Caribbean history, culture and creativity. Under the leadership of the Cultural Development Foundation and in collaboration with all stakeholders, Saint Lucia Carnival is recognized as one of the top Carnivals in the Caribbean and becomes a more vibrant and creative event each year.

St. Lucia Carnival is one of the top annual party events in the Caribbean. Each year in July, the island of St Lucia turns into a massive celebration filled with elaborate costumes, intoxicating rhythms, parades, pure Caribbean energy, and more. The festivities begin in the days leading up to the main event (street parade), with a wide variety of parties and celebrations taking place across the entire island.

St. Lucia Carnival (previously called the Lucian Mas) is a lively and vibrant celebration of St. Lucia’s rich Caribbean culture and heritage. The celebration evolved from the island’s unique mix of Catholic, Caribbean, and African heritage.

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