Warning: House-hunting in Saint Lucia could cause Extreme Daydreaming!

Posted On Thursday, July 25, 2019

In the UK Sunday Times Style Magazine, columnist Dolly Alderton [@DollyAlderton] recently admitted to suffering from a "fanatasy house-hunting obsession" that has led to some very constructuve daydreaming and keeps her "coming back for another fix". 

Reading the account of her regular real estate odysseys, searching for the perfect Canadian porch-ed property or "Alan Bennet's old place on Gloucester Crescent" in London, made us smile, but the article also reminded the Blue Reef team why we've worked so hard on bringing our new website to reality. 

Real estate in Saint Lucia is some of the dreamiest on the planet, but as agents with several decades of experience, we know every client's dream is different, so we make sure not to waste their time with unsuitable options and unnecessary viewings.

Whether it's a luxury villa with breathtaking views, or a chic townhouse condo with private dock, a pristine piece of land in the countryside or something that needs a little fixing up, Blue Reef has the knowledge and connections to find the home of every client's dreams.

That's why we've added more search power and made it easier to see all the features and amenities of each property. We take pride in the quality of our images because we know how much our clients like to peruse every angle as they make their initial decisions.

But of course there's the business of buying, which is where Blue Reef excels with our promise of service excellence. After all, our business philosophy has always been 'Integrity, Reliability and Diligence. 

With useful information on practical matters and advice about the tropical lifestyle on offer in Saint Lucia, we hope you'll find the website a great resource for fantasy house-hunting - as well as for making those fantasies a reality when the time is right.

So go ahead and daydream at BlueReefRealEstate.com



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